Expert SEO/PPC Keword Research &
The Worlds Smartest Adwords
PPC Management Robot


Get More Adwords Clicks - Higher Positions - Lower BID Costs and
Earn More Profits on Your Adwords Investment INSTANTLY.

The Ultimate Robot monitors your Keywords 24/7 to Manage Bids
Actual Adwords Management Accounts Reveal Amazing Results:

Watch the Video to See How to Boost Your Adwords Profits TODAY!!

World Class SEO/PPC Keyword Research & Bid Optimization

Keyword selection is the most important component of your SEO & PPC Campaigns. Use our World-Class Keyword Research Services to select terms that will Improve your Results and Profits.

  • Multi-Million¬†Keywords Search
  • Low-Competition Results
  • High-Traffic Results
  • Use for PPC/SEO/Display/Etc.

Generate more PPC Clicks, Impressions, Conversions and Profits using our 24/7 BID Monitoring PPC Robot. Hourly Account Scans Instantly Adjust Your BIDS to Maximize Your PPC Profits & ROI.

  • Increase Pay-per-Click Response
  • Lower Pay-per-Click BID Costs
  • 24/7 PPC Price/BID Monitoring
  • Real-Time PPC Reporting

In the future, we will be adding more PPC management services. Our first FSA (Full Service Adwords) manages the Adwords suggestions and recommendations for any selected adgroup and/or account.

  • Full-Service Adwords (Mar. 2019)
  • Coming Soon…
  • Coming Soon…
  • Coming Soon..
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Avg. Lower BID Cost

ULTIMATE-1 can take advantage of hourly  price changes when the bid price drops. The bidding AI will instantly prevent you from overpaying while maintaining rank.

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Avg. Clicks Increase

Our PPC Optimized Bidding AI often results in in higher PPC positioning which can result in higher visibility, more impressions and improved response for your Pay-per-Click campaigns. 

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Avg. Rank Increase

ULTIMATE-1 is optimized to take advantage of PPC price changes. This can often result in the same ads ranking higher. This can elevate 1st page ads into Top 3 at no extra cost.

Higher Rank, More Clicks, More Profits
Slash Costs & Boost PPC Results!

Automated PPC Management can increase the effectiveness of your PPC advertising efforts. The ULTIMATE-1 Adwords Management BID Robot uses SMART AI to increase the ROI of your PPC dollar. 

ULTIMATE-1 monitors PPC price changes Hourly 24/7 and uses our proprietary formula to modify your Cost-Per-Click to maximize the results of your Adwords budget. These PPC Services can improve your rank, clicks,  sales and profits.

[Click] picture to view an actual report. Note how many NEW Top 3 entries were made during that hourly update. Many while lowering the BID!!

24/7 BID Scans

Ultimate-1 Monitors PPC prices change Hourly. It Automatically adjusts your BID Price if needed to optimize BID strategy.

Never Overbid Again

PPC prices change multiple times per day. If prices drop Ultimate-1 can reduce your BID price while maintaining your Ad Rank.

Improve Ad Ranking

Advanced AI finds price drops on high ranking keywords. SMART Bidding AI can help your Ads achieve more Top 3 Rankings.

Optimize Your Budget

Ultimate-1 ALWAYS looks for the Best Cost-per-Click Pricing for your Ads. The AI is optimized to maximize impact & reach.

Advanced Adwords AI

Ultimate-1 uses SMART AI to calculate the Best 1st Page and Top 3 Bids. Advanced BID Strategy keeps your Ads on Top.

More Clicks & Profits

Get More Clicks, Higher Ad Rank, More Impressions and ultimately More Profits & Improved ROI with ULTIMATE-1 PPC Management.

ULTIMATE-1 Always Bids the BEST Price
Perfect BID Strategy Executed 24/7

The Ultimate PPC Agency Consultant. 24/7 Tireless Monitoring of PPC Bid Pricing with the ability to make instant adjustments in your favor.  Combined with properly targeted keywords the ULTIMATE-1 PPC Management Robot can increase the impact and reach of your PPC advertising efforts.

Our Automated PPC Expert System fights for you on two fronts. #1 to obtain the cheapest 1st page placement possible while using our PPC pricing logic to calculate the optimum Top 3 Bid price then when BIDS drop You INSTANTLY Get it.

Sign-Up for  UX1 Adwords Management & Never OverPay for PPC Ads Again!!


LAST CHANCE: New Client Pricing - Last Slots at These Low Prices

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Our Experts Find Hidden Keywords with HUGE Traffic Your Competition Missed!

The Keyword Store has extensive experience with SEO and Keyword Research. We can provide keywords tailored to your goals whether thats finding keywords that will get you high SEO rankings or cost-effective low competition keywords suitable for PPC marketing, ON-Page SEO, Blog Writing and More.

¬†We¬†can provide keywords that align with whatever goals you define for your project. We are true Keyword Research Scientist’s (Nerds!) and use all current available tools to generate our master keyword list before we filter it down for your usage.

This¬†often results in our PPC specialist search engineers finding hundreds of low-competition, high-traffic keywords. ‘Hidden Gems’ that can be used to increase your Pay-per-Click Response, Impressions and Profits.

Boost Your Profits with High Traffic,
Low Competition Targeted Keywords

High Traffic Keywords dont mean anything if they’re not targeted to your service or product. Our PPC Expert Researchers always try to find keywords that express ‘Buyer Intent’ on the part of the searcher. This will boost your sales conversion rates and reduce your webpage¬† ‘Bounce Rates’ (Google Loves This).

 Powerful Keywords = Powerful Results РOrder Your Customized Keyword Research Report Today and Turbo-Charge Your Online Promotions!!

Low Competition KW's

Add Low-Competition Keywords to your strategy to Extend your Budget, Increase your total clicks and optimize your PPC Adspend.

Hi-Traffic Keywords

There are many Hi-Traffic keywords that dont get many Bids. We find these Hidden Gems that generate Cheap Traffic.

Targeted KW Search

Stop wasting money on keywords that bring non-responsive traffic. We focus on strong 'buyer intent' keywords that lead to action.

Hand-Picked Keywords

Our keyword experts use multiple tools and search techniques to custom generate master keyword lists for your product/service.

100 Million+ KW Search

100 Million+ Keyword Database provides our researchers with the raw data needed to generate the most effective keywords for you.

Most Profitable KW's

Cheap keywords can be used for Direct PPC, Marketing, Instant Market Response, SEO, Blog Traffic Generation & More.

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LAST CHANCE: New Client Pricing - Last Slots at These Low Prices

Keyword Research

World Class SEO/PPC Data
$ 99
Per Report
  • World Class Research
  • High-Traffic Keywords
  • Low Comp Keywords


1 Month Subscrition
$ 24
  • +3 Cent / Keyword
  • 1 Month Term
  • 100% Optimization


6 Month Subscription
$ 19
  • +2 Cent / Keyword
  • 6 Month Term


12 Month Subscription
$ 16
  • +1 Cent / Keyword
  • 12 Month Term
What is KW Research Delivery Time?

Keyword Research Reports are delivered in 3 to 5 business days. Combo reports should add +1 to +2 business days.

How can I use the Keyword Report?

Keyword Research reports will reveal the best keywords to use for the intended selected usage. (PPC/SEO/Blog). PPC = lowest bid + highest traffic. SEO = Lowest Competition + High Traffic. BLOG = High Traffic + (Low+Med Competition)

Whats Difference between SEO & PPC Targeted Report?

SEO needs the lowest competition + highest traffic keywords available. Low comp being the key since it can take months to rank a new article. PPC needs keywords with high traffic but low bid prices to maximize budget adspend.

What are the Keyword Color Codes?

GREEN for keywords we suggest you use. YELLOW for possible keywords but only using limited adspend. RED are keywords to avoid either due to high price, low traffic or low buyer intent.

Why Should I Use ULTIMATE-1 Robot?

Use the ULTIMATE-1 BID Robot to optimize bidding of your PPC campaign and/or adgroup.  It can increase the efficiency and profitability of your ppc account by taking advantage of bid price changes and adjusting your bids automatically.

How Long Does Its Take to Setup ULTIMATE-1?

We can Usually get you setup with 24-48 hours. Once you Sign-Up you will immediately be sent the “Welcome Kit” that will tell you the steps needed to connect the robot to your PPC Account.

Will I get Real-Time Reports with Every Update?

Currently 5% of LIVE reports are randomly emailed. Reports are scanned Hourly 24 times per day. If BIDS are adjusted 5% of triggered reports are emailed. (getting EVERY report EVERY time gets old Fast!! We view every one so you dont have too…)

Correct Setup for Campaigns/Agroup Robot Trading?

Group keywords into ‘Bid’ groups.¬† You have the freedom to group keywords by single adgroups¬†or campaigns with multiple adgroups¬†as long as they will share a similar pricing strategy.¬†

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Cancel Anytime

Your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. You can cancel your contract at anytime and discontinue the next billing cycle. Inside your account panel you can cancel, pay early and view/edit data related to your subscription, all without needing to contact support. You’re in complete control of your subscription. Once cancelled any renewal will be at current standard rates. Previous rates may no longer be available.

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